christie clancy

I love my camera. I'm not sure how I functioned w/out it. If i don't have the full case w/ me, i at least carry around a little point and shoot. Always a little outside of the box... i love natural light, natural emotions and juxtapositions in my work. Pretty and brokendown. Vintage and industrial. Romantic and grunge. I like to think of my photos as future memories. Nothing is too posed. I want real smiles and pouts that you'll remember years and years from now. Be yourself or whomever else you want to be for that session. It's all up to you.

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i'm a singer (check out facebook for my bands Kyx or the 14th St. Jazz Band), jewelry designer (etsy) and sometimes writer/blogger (check out clancy214 blog or 214 adventures that highlight special sessions. all on blogger).